Q1. Why should i convert to solar?

Because it will not only cut down your electricity bills drastically but also generate a positive cash flow hence becoming an wealth generating asset for long.

Q2. What is the cost of a solar plant?

The cost of a solar plant will depend upon the type of system and the quality of components. however lately the grid parity has been achieved which means the cost rendered on a solar plant is almost at par with the grid.

Q3. What all can be done by solar power?

Other than production of electricity it can be used for water purification, water heating, desalination of water and automobile.

Q4. What is the life of solar panel?

The life of a quality panel should be 30-35 years out of which the first 25 years are covered under performance warranty.

Q5. What all can run on solar?

Anything that need power supply to run can be run on solar. for appliances that need huge power supply to function eg ac’s, geysers, the plant capacity needs to be beefed up considerably.

Q6. How long does it take to install a solar plant?

A professional company should take 2-3 weeks in meticulous planning, configuring and custom ordering for your solar system. the installation in itself doesn’t take long time and is finished in couple of days.

Q7. What is the maintenance of the solar plant?

That’s the beauty of solar systems as they require minimal maintenance. under normal weather conditions cleaning and wiping the panels twice a month should suffice to achieve optimum efficiency.