Solar Power Plant


Rooftop solar plants are the best investment for the house owners as they can turn the unproductive roof spaces into huge cash generating assets. They feel empowered as they own their own personal power plants which not only takes care of their daily energy requirement but also save and earn them lots of money. Any surplus power produced by the solar plant can be fed into the grid which can become another source of passive income. Have you ever received an electricity bill with zero or minus figure ? Well that is very much possible with solar plant on your roof. We all are aware that with the pool of fossil fuels getting smaller and smaller, the cost of electricity will keep on rising. Solar is the only and ultimate answer to this.

Commercial Institutes

A large portion of profit generated by the commercial institutes is eaten up by the high electricity bills. Solar power plant for these institutes is the ultimate remedy for their power woes. It not only reduces the electricity bills drastically but also proves to be a cash generating asset for decades. Converting portion of total consumption to solar power has been made mandatory in certain states in the country. In view of the government’s current emphasis on solar energy, conversion of all commercial institutes to solar in inevitable. Converting a commercial institute to solar is an extremely specialised task and requires experienced experts to understand the exact requirements, design and install custom made plants. Such solar plants facilitate these institutes in meeting green norms laid by the government authorities.

Educational Institutes

These institutions have to keep the electrical appliances like fans, air conditioners, computers, lights etc running throughout the day resulting in huge and disappointing electricity bills. Since most of them run only during the day, their energy requirements can easily be met by converting to solar . Also, since there is no requirement of storing energy for night, a huge expenditure on batteries is saved thereby making the return on investment on the system even shorter that is less than 5 years. The added advantage of this system is that it can be utilized as an Incubation Centre for familiarizing the students with solar energy.

Petrol Pumps

Running day and night, they are power guzzlers. Shifting to green power not only greatly reduces the dependence on generators but also ensures savings for decades. Having done many petrol pumps, we are an expert in this field. All petrol pumps have large roof spaces which are mostly unutilised. Petrol pumps have to run continuously in order to generate substantial profits. This means that during power cuts the pumps have to rely on generator sets. Electricity and fuel bills eat up a sizable portion of total profit generated. Installation of solar power plants will ensure that electricity bills are cut to bare minimum and stop dependence on generators.



Hospitals, due to the veryos nature of their work of life care have to depend heavily on power. Their monthly power expenses can run into lakhs. Solar power plants when fixed on their roofs can cut down the electricity bills to minimum. The solar power plant once fixed will give power support for more than 25 years. Due to their minimal maintenance requirement and long life they are ideal solutions for hospitals.

Telecom Towers

Mobile towers require a constant flow of electricity in order to function properly. In case the power fails it takes many hours for the system to reboot hence it is imperative that the power is maintained at all times. In remote areas they have to depend on generators which is extremely expensive. In other areas too the power used by the tower is huge. In case of power cuts again the costs rise high. The solar power plant on BTS tower can reduce the expenditure by approximately half.