Solar Water Heater

Residential Heaters

Residential roof top water heaters are the most economical & effective solutions for heating water for heating water for domestic requirements. As a thumb rule, 150 liters per day are required for a family of 2 persons. This includes bathing and kitchen requirements. In case hot water is required for washing clothes, then is requirement is increased accordingly. For a pure solar water heater no electricity connection is required and no pumps are required. However, to cater for incessant rains for many days electrical element can be fixed in the system. This can heat water in case the solar collectors and not able to do so.
SilkaTech  is an expert in this field as it has installed residential water heaters in varies terrains, states and different altitudes.

Commercial Water heaters

Water heaters for commercial institutions like hotels, hospitals , hostels and community living complexes can get immensely benefited by the use of commercial solar water heating unit. It consists of array of solar collectors and a insulated water collection tank. The capacity of the plant is as per the total requirements of the user. These are best mounted on rooftops but can also be ground based. The break even is achieved in 5 to 7 years. The plant is thereafter a cash producing asset for a least 20 years.


Swimming pool Water Heater

Swimming pool heating is akin to commercial heating. The only difference being that instead of storing water in an insulated tank we are storing water in swimming pool. Another difference is that in this we need a pump to supply water to the solar plant as it is above the level of the swimming pool. The pump so required can also be powered by solar panels. Thus it is a total zero power requirement plant.
Solar heating is the only economical solution for heating swimming pools and making them usable throughout the year.